Created in 2018 GVCAP is a French start-up specializing in Motion Capture that rethinks the replay experience of sports.

Today we focus on professional tennis tournaments: we capture the exact gestures of players and project their dynamic avatars in a 3D space environment without any limitation of angle of view.

The user becomes the own director of his/her replay and can thus review the action of his/her favourite player from every angle. It is a full immersive experience!

Entertainment, technical analysis, e-coaching, with standard videos or augmented reality, GVCAP offers a varied range of products always at the forefront of innovation.


Artificial intelligence is at the heart of our technology.


At GVCAP, we believe that our products are the future of sport and tennis.

Some standard cameras, an AI code, no markers, boldness and that's how our technology works!


Passionate, we continue to improve our technology to always anticipate the needs of our customers.

9 Rue Anatole de la Forge
Paris, 75017

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